Chicken and Turkey

Pasture Raised Poultry

We raise Red Rangers, a heritage breed known for their rich flavor and active lifestyle.  Our chicks arrive on the farm less than two days old and are on pasture after approximately 2 weeks in the brooder.  Once out of the brooder, they are on pasture grass 24 hours each day.  They are moved to fresh grass daily, enjoying the bugs and seeds that they find.  They are also provided free choice supplemental feed for proper nutrition.  While it takes longer for them to mature, we feel the heritage breed is more in keeping with what nature intended.  Since the birds are more active and a more naturally developed breed, they are slightly smaller and less breast-heavy than typical store bought birds.  We feel the flavor and development of the bird is worth this trade off in time and size.

Chickens are vacuum sealed whole.  We anticipate our birds to weigh approximately 4-5 pounds.

Turkey.  We are trying to gauge interest in pasture-raised turkey.  If they are to be ready in time for Thanksgiving, we would have to start them in early July, so let us know if this is something that interests you.