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100% Grass Fed, Finished Beef

Each animal in our herd arrives at Winnicut River Farm shortly after weaning.  The herd is then continuously rotationally grazed on our own pastures.  We move the cattle to new grass daily, sometimes multiple times per day.  This constant movement promotes healthy growth in both the animals and the pasture.  We endeavor to stockpile enough forage in the summer to allow the grazing to continue well in to the winter months.  When the snow load, or weather dictate, we time our moves around the farm to provide the herd with a tree cover to protect them from the harsh New England winter.  When the weather or stockpiled forage is insufficient for the herd, they are continually fed pasture grasses that were hayed the previous summer.  We unroll the round bales on the frozen ground so the cows graze from the carpet of hay as if they were grazing a nice summer pasture.  We have been fine-tuning our holistic management since 2016 and our pastures are starting to see the effects, developing a rich, nutritious canopy and an assortment of warm and cold season forage types.  We anticipate the cattle to weigh approximately 950-1000 lbs by the time they finish out at a little over 2 years of age.  This will result in a hanging weight of 550-600 lbs.  The side will obviously be half of this.  You will choose how the butcher cuts your side, determining both the types and sizes of cuts.  We will be more than happy to guide you through this process.  

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