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Pasture and Forest Raised Pork

We raise a Landrace Yorkshire cross for our pork production.  Piglets arrive at Winnicut River Farm at approximately eight weeks old.  They are rotated through about 5 acres of woods and pasture.  They stay in the same area for about a week before moving on to a new fresh home.  While discovering their new digs, they search for nuts, roots, and places to lounge.  They eat what they find in the woods and pastures, while being provided with free choice grain.  They are hilarious to watch play and grow.  As they rumble through the woods, oftentimes the first glimpse we see are the flapping of their ears as they run to us.  They are rambunctious, funny, and full of life.  They enjoy visits from us as much as we love visiting and watching them. 

They grow from 50 lbs to well over 500 lbs in the 8 months they are on the farm.

We sell whole and half pigs.  Your pork will be ready in late Fall and cut to your specifications.  There will be an additional butcher’s fee for curing/smoking and sausage.  We anticipate our pigs to have a hanging weight of approximately 275-350 lbs.

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