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Price and Availability

Beef - We have a running availability and priority is set in order of deposit receipt. We have  sides available in Fall 2023.  The next steers will finish out Spring 2024.

Pork - Whole or half pigs, available Fall 2023

Chicken - limited availability Fall 2023

2023 Prices

Beef Side - $7.75/lb HW

Beef Quarter - $8.00/lb HW

Pork Whole- $6.75/lb HW *

Pork Side- $7.00/lb HW *

Chicken - $6.75/lb Whole

Eggs - $8.00/dozen

* additional fee per lb. for smoking and curing charged by butcher for hams, sausage, and bacon

New Deposit schedule

Beef - $800 side

Pork - $800 pig

Chicken - $15 bird 

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